W H O    A M    I ?    W H A T    I S    T H I S ?


Hi! I’m Lynsey, a lover of words, literature, coffee, craft beer, and wine. I am also a full-time, fourth year Communications student, aspiring public relations professional, and President of Her Campus Media at SFU. Without really knowing what direction I wanted to take the website, I just kind of started to wing it. So let’s just call it a lifestyle blog. Here, I am going to share with you my own experiences, my passions, my opinions, and my stories. Now, disclaimer…Like I said before, these are opinions; I am not a historian, a psychologist, a physician, a philosopher, a rocket scientist. I am, however, a BC girl with a hell of a lot of passion, and an open mind but hard-head.  If you are interested in collaborating or connecting, feel free to reach out!


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photo by mandyhuser.com