Meet Melissa Orozco: PR & Impact Relations Powerhouse

Melissa Orozco began her career in NYC, working with creative agencies and luxury lifestyle brands before moving to Vancouver in 2008, a few years before she founded Yulu PR in 2011.

Yulu is an outstanding and award-winning local PR firm, emphasising the importance of sharing “stories that matter” by placing a heavy focus on impact relations. Yulu can proudly call themselves a certified B Corp PR firm. With roots in NYC, Yulu works with international brands as well as well-known Canadian companies.

This week I had the opportunity to chat with Melissa Orozco, Founder and Creative Director at Yulu Public Relations Inc for a quick Q&A.

Hometown: New Mexico

Hobbies: Skiing, sailing, travelling

Education: BA Media Studies & English Literature at Hunter College, NYC

First gig after college: An internship at Save the Music Foundation

Role model: My first boss, Florence Quinn

Describe yourself in three words or less: Curious and creative

Favourite personal trait: My knowledge and strength when it comes to creative brainstorming

Social media platform: Twitter… You can have dialogue and pitch media.

HC SFU: What do you love most about working in PR?

Melissa: I love that fact that we can make up rules as we go. Nothing is ever the same. I have been taught a lot about public relations, but I have realized that some of that are not always applicable. I also love continually pitching media. We are also a social impact PR firm, so we solve social and environmental issues through communication and consult on how to make a situation better and focus on all of the storytelling behind it. I love impact relations.

HC SFU: How would you describe an average day at work?

Melissa: There isn’t an average day. Every day is extremely different than the others. Some days, I am pitching clients, some days I am travelling or attending a conference, maybe I’m mentoring my team or coaching. But on Monday’s at Yulu, we always have our Monday mash-up, where we touch base with each other and start our week.

HC SFU: What do you love most about owning your own business?

Melissa: What I love most is that we can be selective about clients we bring on. Certain agencies pick clients to fit a budget, but Yulu is has a more picky selection process. We actually turn away 80% of potential clients because they aren’t the perfect fit for our social mandate. We are a B-corp and are socially mandated, so we focus on companies that will be beneficial to society and the environment.

HC SFU: What are some PR trends that you predict will be popular in 2018?

Melissa: Well, I have been working in social impact communications and impact relations for seven years, and I see the political landscape and scope evolving. I see more people becoming curious and interested in getting into impact relations. For example, when you watch the Super Bowl, a lot of the commercials are bringing attention to social justice issues. We need to have a social purpose. I see more of that happening. However, influencers also aren’t going away anytime soon. I went from working in corporate PR with specific influencers, to working in social impact PR, so I have seen both sides.

HC SFU: Advice to those trying to land their first gig and get into the industry?

Melissa: Understand that communication is a really powerful tool. PR can be used as a force for good.

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Website: Yulu PR

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