From VanCity to LA: Meet Jive PR’s Lindsay Nahmiache

From having worked internationally in locations such as London and Bollywood, to living in sunny Los Angeles, becoming a new mom, and recently vacationing in the ultimate traveller’s destination, Bali, this girl is on-the-go. Lucky for me, I was able to catch up with Jive PR + Digital’s Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Lindsay Namaiche for a Q&A in the not-so-sunny, Vancouver BC. Lindsay is not only the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the award-winning boutique agency, Jive PR + Digital, but she is also one of Her Campus Media SFU’s powerhouse panellists for the upcoming event: Vancouver Women Shattering the Glass Ceiling.

Hobbies: Yoga, travelling for work, tacking on personal travel, reading at least one book per week

Hometown: Toronto born, White Rock raised

Education: BA in Business Communication, International Richmond University of London

HC SFU: What made you choose the field or public relations?

Lindsay: I LOVE communications and getting work with companies to tell their stories. Some say I have work ADHD, I love to know about everything, including technology and health.

HC SFU: Most valuable or significant thing you have learned through your experience in the industry?

Lindsay: It is always changing. Never expect anything to stay the same. When I started my career, social media was just starting out and it wasn’t really applicable to businesses. Now, it’s one of the main sources that we use.

HC SFU: Biggest differences between the North American industry and the European and Indian industry?

Lindsay: I would say that it is the “hustle culture”. For example, everything seems to be a hustle in India. Canada is a little more inclusive and laid back. London is very international yet very refined; you get the best of the best there.

HC SFU: If you could describe your job in one word, what would it be?

Lindsay: Evolving


HC SFU: Describe your average workday?

Lindsay: There is no such thing as average work day in PR, that’s why I love it. I would say that emails are definitely consistent, but my job is anything from doing a photo shoot, taking someone out for coffee, talking to Bitcoin clients, dealing with the entertainment industry.


HC SFU: What brought you to Vancouver?

Lindsay: My family. Vancouver is home. I had been away for six years and missed it. However, I am now living in LA.


HC SFU: Biggest accomplishment thus far?

Lindsay: I have no regrets. Everything in life I have wanted to do, I have tried it even if I have failed. I will continue to take many more chances in my life.


HC SFU: Could you tell me a little bit about Projecting Change? What inspired you to start that up?

Lindsay: I worked in the film industry in Bollywood, but also love social impact films and Ted Talks. So, I started a festival with a film followed by a talk, and we would discuss how it was applicable to Vancouver.

HC SFU: What do you enjoy most and least about your job currently?

Lindsay: The thing I love most is the people that I meet. There are such diverse backgrounds in the industry. As for the least, I would say bookkeeping and dealing with expenses.


HC SFU: Are you a member of any professional orders or associations? Which ones do you feel are the most important to belong to?

Lindsay: I have been a member and mentor with WXN Women’s Executive Network for a while. I also support Top 100 women, Women Entrepreneurs and Enterprising Women.


HC SFU: Have you ever experienced any setbacks or hardships being a woman in business?

Lindsay: I think with PR is very female dominated. However, by being able to touch into the other industries through clients, I am able to see the block that way.


HC SFU: Any key advice or tips on aspiring PR professionals?

Lindsay: You have to know social media. We have a social team and a traditional team; they are really understanding that media is changing drastically. It is important to drive your presence and be active on social media.

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