A Kootenay Christmas

Well, hello! Happy new year, and welcome to 2018! This post is my first official blog post in the new year, so I wanted to make it a special one and share one of my most favourite days. I spent my Christmas in my hometown, a small town in the West Kootenay area, and as much as I love Vancouver and being in the city, being at home and having a real winter for a little while made me the happiest girl in the world. There is something about not having snow on Christmas that feels wrong to me. You can have your holiday beach vacations, but I will take my endless snow and skiing, thank you very much.

Not only was this Christmas special because I was able to spend it at home, but also because it was my first Christmas spent with my boyfriend, Brock. He is from the city, so enjoying time in the Kootenays in something that we can both enjoy together. He may be a city kid, but I feel as though he has a small town heart. I was overly excited to be a part of his first snowmobile ride, his first time ice fishing and first time catching a fish (18 inches), first time snowshoeing, and his first time skiing in the Kootenays.


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