Keeping it Local in the West Kootenays

Lately, I have been slightly obsessed with discovering new local gems, whether it be at home in the Kootenays, or here in the Lower Mainland. However, in this post, I want to share a few of my favourite small businesses that I visited on my trip home over the holidays.

1. Cartolina’s – Nelson, BC

This store is probably my favourite store in Nelson. My obsession started when they first opened, and I discovered their vintage maps in the back room. Some of these maps are available to purchase, and many are copied into smaller versions and sold as well, and I am guilty of owning what some may think is far too many. Aside from the maps, this store sells its own locally made cards and phone cases, as well as many knick-knacks, home decor, beauty products, locally made clothing, etc. Cartolina’s website describes the store as “an inspiring world of curiously unique product and design”. A must buy at Cartolina’s is the new and locally made coffee brand, No.6 Coffee Company, with their original blend, “Cartolina Blend”.

2. Maison – Nelson, BC

Maison has long time been another favourite of mine, and I have become a frequent holiday shopper here. From home decor to kitchenware, journals, and knick-knacks, this store contains beautiful products and is a local must-see. Maison’s website describes it as a “locally owned and operated business” with “all the urban chic style with the perfect combination of casual, country decor”.

3. Backroad Brewing, Nelson BC

I recently had my first experience at Backroads Brewing, as it is still a fairly new business. Having been in a relationship with a craft beer fanatic for nearly a year, I have grown to be quite a fan of craft beer, rather than just Budweiser alone. This being said, my beer snob boyfriend and I loved it here. My personal favourites were the pale ale and dark lager.

4. Deadwood Junction – Greenwood, BC

This Cafe is amazing. Plain and simple. Nearly every single time I drive to or from the Kootenays, I make a point to stop in here for a coffee. Deadwood carried a local Kootenay brand of coffee and one of my favourites, Oso Negro from Nelson (check out their Purcell blend, it makes unreal espresso). Deadwood also carries locally produced goods from Kootenay artisans, as well as antiques and gifts.



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