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If you are reading this and you have ever lived in Vancouver, you will understand the following statement: seasonal funks are real. Being from the Kootenays, I am used to the snow, beautiful weather, and lots of outdoor adventuring. However, I am currently living in rainy Vancouver, with grey skies and no car to escape the city. So, friends, I have been treating myself a bit this January. I keep telling myself that it is okay because I received some Christmas cash. But let’s be honest, we both know that money is long gone and well-spent.

Regardless, this is my article for all of you looking to treat yourself a little bit as well! I have chosen a few of my favourite health and beauty products that I have been using as of late and listed them here for you… Enjoy!


For those of you who have read my previous posts, or follow me on Instagram (@lynseygray), then you will most likely already know my deep love for Bare Skin Bar. This product not only is created by a beautiful gem of a human but is also very aesthetically pleasing and is locally made here in the Lower Mainland. Check her out on social media (@BareSkinBar), or visit her website to learn more about Bare Skin Bar bath bombs and their ingredients!


Yes, I know, this is not new. BUT, I have been surviving off the Naked 2 pallet for about five years now, so adding some new eyeshadow colours to my life felt really good. If you know me, you will know that I am not a huge make-up person. I’m not quite “in-the-know”, if you know what I mean. However, my boyfriend’s younger sister, a fellow blonde, recently received Naked 3 as a gift and I absolutely fell in love. Quite simply, these shimmery pink shades are a must.


I have been on a hunt for the perfect product that would help my limp, straight hair, and friends… I have found it! The day I found this was like Christmas for me. Dealing with my hair is a struggle that I have nearly every time I go out on the weekend with my friends, go on a date night, go to an event, etc.My hair does not enjoy cooperating, and that is just the way that it has always been for me. So, on a whim at the mall the other day, I decided to pop into a hair salon, asked the front desk woman for a recommendation, and this was what she suggested. Let me tell you; she was not wrong. Unlike other texture sprays, this doesn’t make your hair feel overly sticky, shiny, or heavy, and actually can be used as a dry shampoo as well.


All three of these products are amazing. First, the Mac Cosmetic Lip Glass because it makes those lips POP, which for me, or anyone else who is not Kylie Jenner and wasn’t blessed in the lip department, is excellent.

No need for expensive lash extensions, ladies! CoverGirl Clump Crusher by Lastblast is not only a great product that makes your lashes look beautiful, but it is also affordable. So, consider this next time you are dreading having to go and pay for yet another lash fill.

Lastly, Dream Tint by Jane Iredale is a must have tinted moisturizer. SkinBliss Medi Spa recommended this product to me. If you are like me and maybe have a bit of acne scarring and sensitive skin, this is a must-try! As someone who despises foundation, this was perfect for me because it is light and goes on smooth. You won’t even know you are wearing it, and neither will anyone else!


I have recently developed an obsession with women’s fragrances. I recently splurged on the Marc Jacobs’ original Daisy fragrance, which is a perfect every day, fresh scent. However, if you are looking for a new fragrance and are wanting something a bit sweeter, FlowerBomb and Black Opium are two that you must try! If you aren’t looking into spending a pretty penny on the big bottles (I don’t blame you), I would recommend trying out their travel size and roll on perfumes, which you can find easily at Sephora!


I bought this one as a part of my boyfriend’s Christmas gift. I am also 100% guilty of being the primary user of it. If you are into essential oils, this is a must-have. It includes Sage’s peppermint halo, immune, eater’s digest, stress release, pain release, a quick study, energy, and sleep well essential oils.


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