A Burnaby Must-See: La Foret Bakery & Coffee

If you are anything like me (coffee obsessed), then you are continually seeking out new coffee shops and cafes. Having worked in a coffee shop for five years in my hometown, this has become almost an obsession of mine. I am always on the prowl for delicious coffee and new places with a warm but vibrant atmosphere to sit and do homework. This led to me discover this hidden gem, La Foret Bakery & Coffee, located in Burnaby. I say hidden because, from the exterior, you would not expect what is inside; if I hadn’t known about it, I would have driven right by. However, this “hidden gem” is becoming quite quickly, a not-so-hidden place to visit, as I frequently see it on social media, becoming a hip new place for students to hang out and take new Instagram-worthy pictures. However, nonetheless, I do recommend it, and it’s unreal and beautifully presented pastries. Check it out!





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