From Small Town BC to Squamish to Amsterdam to NZ: Meet Mandy

Meet Mandy:

Now, I don’t usually do profiles, and I mostly like to write and post photos about my experiences and what I am up to. However, my friend Mandy has recently made an enormous move all the way to New Zealand, and I am thrilled for her. Not only am I excited for her to begin her new adventure (and live vicariously through her and her Instagram the whole way through), but I just want to brag about my friend in general for a hot second. Mandy and I grew up together, and through that, I have watched her go through many different phases in her life, and I have seen her deal with many unique situations in; always handling each of them beautifully, of course. She is such a beautiful soul, and I honestly think that her photographs and writing express that. This girl is often my go-to when I am going through something terrible, hard, or something amazing. She always knows what to say or when to say nothing at all. As she has once described our relationship, I am thankful to have her as much a beautiful “constant” in my life.

Now that you know a bit about her and who she is to me, I want to stress her talents, which is plenty, but most obviously is writing and photography, and encourage you to follow and subscribe to Mandy’s social media account and website, With consistent and unique Instagram updates including not only photos, but unreal captions, and her brand new website, this chick has tons to offer and highly recommend you check her out!




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