Gastown Gems

As an SFU student, I often find myself exhausted with the amount of commuting between different campuses. If you are also an SFU student, then you most likely know what I mean… Having three main campuses is absurd; let’s complain together sometime.

However, as a CMNS student nearing my graduation, I am often finding that a majority of my classes are downtown at the Harbour Centre campus in Gastown. Now this, I am ok with. If you are from Vancouver or have even visited Vancouver before, you will know that Gastown is hands-down one of the most aesthetically pleasing areas of downtown, no argument necessary here.

Gastown gives you a warm and cozy feel, from the twinkle lights on the trees lining the streets, to the red brick and cobblestone roads. Even in the rain (which is frequent), or maybe even especially in the rain, this area never fails to warm my heart. This means I often take any opportunity between classes to wander around, grab a coffee (and kiss my money goodbye), or window shop in some of the local artisan shops and fashion boutiques.

To encourage you to check it out, I have compiled a list of a few of my favourite places in and around Gastown…

1. The Latest Scoop (159 Water St)

With multiple locations around the Vancouver area, not only does this place have unreal and continuously changing pieces of clothing, but it also sports a cozy home section with beautiful throw blankets and pillows, candles, seasonal decorations, and even kitchenware!

2. Old Faithful Shop (320 W Cordova St)

Gifts, home decor, books, textiles, kitchenware, aromatherapy, lighting, unnecessary but unavoidable and hard-to-resist purchases; this store has it all!

3. Kimprints (41 Powell St)

I. Love. This. Store. I find so much happiness and pleasure in the little things, like, for example, buying greeting cards and books. I bought a card here for my boyfriend once, by Just Greet, a local Vancouver-based and developed company, in collaboration with several artists to produce their greeting cards. Check them out!

4. Buro Espresso Bar (356 Water St)

My obsession. The coffee, of course, is lovely. But for me, it’s the building that does it. I have always had an interest in architecture and interior design, and Buro fits beautifully into this location. Not to mention, it is also very central and has great people watching if that is your style (it’s mine).

5. Hill’s Native Art (120 E Broadway)

This store is beautiful, and it is as simple as that. I make a stop here nearly every time I walk by down this street. It is mind-blowing that people can carve such intricate and detailed pieces. The native artwork is indeed an entirely different ball game, and you can’t but help to stop and appreciate it. If you stop by, be sure also to check out the local Native street artwork outside!





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